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Festival of the Winds: judging criteria

Kite Competitions Criteria

Categories 1-7 are judged by ability to fly, quality of stitching, design, suitability to category and made by competitor within the previous kite year. Category 8 is judged by your use of materials as described below.

1. President's Choice:This is awarded by the President of the AKS for the best contribution to the festival by a kite flyer on the Sunday of the FOTW. This competition is open to all kite makers.
2. Sunday Public choice:The public have their say. Results announced at 3pm on Sunday.
3.  Flying High:This one will be featured on the cover of the next Flying High Magazine so get cracking!

4.  Bondi Blonde:Blonde and beautiful, the kite that is!

5.  Stretch the Imagination:The ‘stretching’ depends on you, the rest on the fickled Bondi wind.

6. Flight of Fancy:The sky’s the limit. Remember build it then worry about flying it. Test your bridling skills. Test your limits. Inspire, enthuse, delight

7. No Fly Zones:Objects in this category are not intended to be flown. They will be  judged by uniqueness of presentation, theme being consistent throughout display and that the workmanship should respect the integrity of materials and demonstrate that it has been developed over time.
8. Up-Cycle:  
 Kite or ground display made from previous FOTW advertising banners/fencing.