Australian Kiteflyers Society

A Timeless Art

Official International Guests - 2018

Fred and Donna Taylor from Canada 

We have International kite festival experience. We have attended many festivals in the USA as well as Dubai UAE, India and South Africa.

When we attend a kite festival we like to be very versatile, showing an assortment of kites and our unique ground display to meet any challenging wind conditions.  Most of what we bring are creations of our own making.

For kites in the sky, depending on wind conditions, we will bring our 13 m/sq red flow form with a 23 metre long awesome tail. We also have the same style of kite in total white for night flies. This year we have been making airplane kites in various colour configurations that have been quite popular at festivals.  They can be flown as ground display or as 2 line stunt kites.  At a festival in the USA we flew 3 of them as a kite stunt team. They have a very wide wind range and make a great impression when all 8 planes are set up.

For whimsy displays we have many items for line laundry and ground display.  We have put together what we call “Puffies”. These are inflatables of penguins, beavers, eyeballs and strawberries. Plus if we can, we will bring some of our banner display, themed to the poem “Calico Pie” by Edward Lear. 

Revolution stunt kites are also part of our repertoire at a kite festival.  Always happy to join in on line of Rev fliers doing demos or just flying singularly.

We always enjoy talking and sharing with the many spectators and media. 

Donna and Fred

Herman and Ina Plattje

We welcome Herman and Ina Plattje who are kiteflyers from Westerhaar, a small town in the east called Twente.

 They  have three kidchildren: Patrick, Martijn and Lisa. 

"We have two great hobbies which are kiteflying and organising kite festivals" such as VliegerfeestTwente.  We participate in 10 to 15 kite festivals a year to promote kite flying at other events. At kite festivals we try to entertain the visitors by flying as much as possible. We will bring Japanese Wan Wan  kites that we have built but also horses, owls, and other kites built by other kiteflyers to Sydney. We want to show them all!"