2016 Festival of the Winds Registration

Below is the link for the registration form. When you click the link, it will open a new browser session, with the form embedded on the page.

There are two ways you can send this form.

  1. Fill in the form online, and then print the form, or print the form and fill in.
  2. Send to this address,
    Australian Kiteflyers Society,
    44 Normandy Terrace, Leumeah, NSW 2560
  3. Use the method below.
  • The form can be filled out via the highlighted fill boxes.
  • Once you have completed your form, right click the mouse anywhere on the form, and select 'save as' from the drop down menu.
  • Save the pdf file to your computer, and then send it to the Secretary for processing. Use this link to open a window for the file. Secretary.
  • When you transfer money into the AKS account, remember to identify yourself and reason for payment.
Registration form
(right click the link to download the form)