Bamboo & Washi

Although rumour has it that good quality bamboo is available and is being grown by some one at the back of Coffs Harbour or the Gold Coast or near the black stump, I think it is just an urban myth. You will just have to look around. Some ideas may be old bamboo blinds, kids kites at discount stores, bamboo garden stakes. All of these sources will probably require you to cut or trim the bamboo to size, thickness. A word of warning, bamboo slivers are a bit like fibreglass or carbon fibre slivers..... very painful. Take care. By the way if you happen to find a good cheap source of washi and/ or bamboo, please let others know.


Washi is a very strong but light weight, translucent paper product made from the pulp of mulberry tree bark. The long fibres of the bark provide the strength to the paper. Washi comes in a variety of grades and prices. The cost of washi is generally a good indicator of its quality and strength. Washi is available from a number of large art supply stores. Do not be fooled into buying Rice paper or the heavy Japanese linen paper.